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While other importers have stopped bringing bikes into the country we have just signed a deal to sell all the trail bikes off the next couple of months of containers. With only around a dozen trail bikes in each container numbers are limited, but these bikes are of a very high standard and we feel you will not be disappointed.

Also available new bikes Honda, Yamaha, KTM, Kawasaki, Husky, Suzuki, GasGas bikes supplied

If you do not find the bike you want from this page please e-mail us here and tell us your requirements. Stock is changing constantly.

Bike Details Photos Price and Email
Yamaha WR 250 F 2005 model unregistered at the moment and will get a new registration   £2450
Kawasaki KDX 220     £1600
Montesa Honda 2001 Cota 315   £1495
KTM 640 LC4 Enduro A 2004 model 41mm Flat Slide Carb 660 conversion EXC brakes   £2695
KTM 525 BCE Basically our next project based on a 525 SX converted to our specification into a MXC with attitude this thing rips and will be the race bike for 2005/6. £TBA
KTM 400 EXC Racing 2001 version of the 400 EXC this bike has fitted K.T.M. Clutch saver, CRD bashplate, SX&EXC silencer rally pegs, EGO Handgaurds, KTM case saver, 20mm offset Stanchions, 48mm fork conversion, Touratech rally bracket. P8270002.JPG (212776 bytes) £2500
Suzuki DR 250 XC Suzuki DOHC 4 Valved head this bike is the XC (Desert) version Digital speedo disc brakes very capable bike. P3280003.JPG (194596 bytes) £1800
Yamaha XT 225 Serow 2 of 3 bikes available this one is a 2000 model BikesApril04 010.jpg (709725 bytes) £2100
Yamaha TT250RM (Y2K) Fitted with CRD silencer, B&B Bashplate and Frame guards, Big Bore 325 Kit, Mikuni Carburetor, Oil cooler, longer duration lift cams, Gas flowed Head, QR rear Wheel, Gripper Seat, Uni Filter Air Filter Hydraulic Brake switch, Big tank available. Bike Yamaha TTR2000 £2700

Bikes are sold with a warranty are fully PDI'd. We can supply you with the paperwork to register the bike or we will do the registering for you, but we have to charge £200 which pays for: the MOT the TAX and the LICENSE FEE and the new S.V.A. test. Tyres supplied on the bike will pass a MOT we will supply any tyres you want on the bikes just don't expect the standard tyres to cope with deep welsh bogs they are mainly road type tyres fitted.

Best thing to do if in doubt ring up and ask us. (01207) 272228

Also Spec sheets for most import trail bikes